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swanwhite in animated_beauty

I Am a Beauty

<b>1. Name:</b> Olivia

<b>2. Age:</b> Just turned 20

<b>3. Location:</b> Ohio

<b>4. Three positive adjectives to describe yourself:</b> generous (almost to a fault), kind, mature

<b>5. Three negative adjectives to describe yourself:</b> shy, sharp-tongued, impatient

<b>6. If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would you go, and why?:</b> Europe, and I cannot specify any more than that. There are too many places in Europe I would love to visit, but I can't begin to narrow it down to just one to spend a year in.

<b>7. Describe your relationship with love:</b> I have yet to experience real romantic love. I've never had a boyfriend and I've never had a crush on a real guy, and to my knowledge no one has ever held a candle for me. However, I am in many ways a hopeless romantic. I dream of finding someone to love me and treasure me and be inspired by me, and I long to feel that way about someone. I like the rituals associated with romantic love like cameos, valentine's, poetry etc. As for platonic love, I have my family and my family's close friends, but no real close friends of my own. I think love in all its forms is beautiful, dangerous, and absolutely necessary for living.

<b>8. Favourite three books:</b> Sabriel by Garth Nix, The Arkadians by Loyd Alexander, Because of Wynn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

<b>9. Favourite three movies (excluding animated films):</b> The Secret Garden, The Mummy, The Cat Returns

<b>10. What is the meaning/significance/derivation of your username?:</b> I like both the "personality trait" of sweetness, as well as the "taste" of sweetness, and I love sweets. Demoiselle is French for "little miss", and fits nicely with "sweet".

<b>11. If you could change one thing about yourself or your life, what would it be?:</b> I would be my ideal weight. I'm not obsessive about my weight, but it would be so much easier to be beautiful, cool, or cute if I were thinner...

<b>12. Why do you love animated movies?</b> I love the idea of animation, the effects that can be achieved with it, and the way the love of the art, of the story, and of life can show so clearly through it. Watching any movie by Hayao Miyazaki you'll see his love for the craft in every little detail, and watching the Rite of Spring from Fantasia 2000, how could you not be completely bowled over by how absolutely exquisite it is? I love art, and I think that when animation is beautifully drawn, it's one of the most inspiring things in the world.

<b>13. Anything else we should know?:</b> I love, love, love music, but I don't sing in public and I don't really have an interest in playing any instruments. I have a scholarly streak. I love history and poetry. I'm a writer, and an absolutely voracious reader. I love languages, and I love the way words can be put together to form sounds and images of such beauty. I'm extremely creative. I'm always writing, reading, drawing, sewing or making something or other. Despite the stereotype that you'll lose interest in magic and the fantastical during your teens, my love of fairy tales, fantasy and folk lore has only grown stronger as I've gotten older. The more I learn about the harshness of the world the more I turn to fantasy as an escape.

<b>14. Pictures or description of yourself:</b>

Short (5'3") chubby, brown hair, green/blue eyes, pale skin.                                                                  





Thanks for dropping by!                                                           


Cinderella def...

January 2009

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