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chloe1988 in animated_beauty

I am a Beauty

1. Name: My name is Eleanor.
2. Age (no one under 13, please): I am 20 and a three-quarters!
3. Location: The Deep South of the United States.
4. Three positive adjectives to describe yourself:I am sweet, innocent, and happy.
5. Three negative adjectives to describe yourself: Passive, sensitive, and naive.
6. If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would you go, and why?: Oh, Cashiers, North Carolina. It's a small town (it's almost a village) in the mountains of North Carolina where my family rents a house every summer. The mountains and the lakes are beautiful! There is lots of wildlife too.
7. Describe your relationship with love: I know what I want out of love, and I know that some day, it will happen for me ! I have high standards and I am very old fashioned, so I would never ask a boy out. Love is important to me-- I give love to my friends, pets and family.
8. Favourite three books: Ooo, I love Little Women, Jane Eyre, and Anne of Green Gables.
9. Favourite three movies (excluding animated films): Little Women, Legally Blonde, Miss Potter
10. What is the meaning/significance/derivation of your username?: My dog's name is Chloe and I was born in 1988.
11. If you could change one thing about yourself or your life, what would it be?: I would like to have a significant other. Le sigh...
12. Why do you love animated movies? Oh, many reasons! The music! The dancing! The dresses! The romance! The fuzzy cute ANIMALS!
13. Anything else we should know?:
14. Pictures or description of yourself:15. Please provide the links to at least three votes you've cast on other applications:

I love animals!

And three links:

Thanks so much for reading and voting!


Snow White hands down. Your personality, outlook on love, and place you would like to live in for a year is all Snow White.
Snow White
snow white
I have to go with Snow White for you!!
Def. Snow White
yep Snow White
I say Snow White.
Very Snow White-ish I think
Snow White!

January 2009

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